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DS-5ARM Development Studio 5)是针对 ARM 支持的 Linux Android 平台的全面的端到端软件开发工具套件。提供具有跟踪、系统范围性能分析器、实时系统模拟器和编译器的应用程序和内核空间调试器。这些功能包括在定制、功能强大且用户友好的基于EclipseIDE中。借助于该工具套件,可以很轻松地为ARM支持的系统开发和优化基于Linux 的系统,缩短开发和测试周期,并且可帮助工程师创建资源利用效率高的软件。




ARM DS-5 v5.9版本更新

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

l  ARM Compiler toolchain: updated to 5.01u2 release for latest bug fixes

l  ARM Streamline: Timeline filtering per process selection

l  ARM Streamline: Timeline process pane can be configured to display GPU (graphics processor) and VPU (vertex processor) heat map

l  ARM Streamline: visualization of Mali GPU vertex and fragment processors trace activity

l  ARM Streamline: DVFS clock frequency is displayed in the Timeline chart

l  ARM Streamline: support for all performance counters on Qualcomm Scorpion processors (for example MSM8660)

l  ARM Streamline: support for the architecturally compliant counters on Qualcomm Krait processors (for example MSM8960)

l  ARM Streamline: current, voltage and power usage can be analyzed using the Energy Probe hardware unit (available to purchase separately)

l  ARM Streamline: added onlining/offlining support for perf inside gator

l  ARM Streamline: gator uses perf HAL on Linux versions 3.0 and later

l  ARM Streamline: includes gator_v8

l  DSTREAM/RVI: new 4.6 version of firmware included

l  DS-5: Linux Edition is renamed to Basic Edition

l  DS-5: installation now includes FlexNet 11 binaries

l  DS-5 Debugger: added support for debugging Linux symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems

l  DS-5 Debugger: Debug Control view provides separate visibility of active (currently scheduled) threads and all threads

l  DS-5 Debugger: Debug Control view and command line indicate the power state of each core

l  DS-5 Debugger: when performing Linux kernel debug, the list of threads that is printed when stopping now only includes the active (currently scheduled) threads; use info threads to list all the threads

l  DS-5 Debugger: new address spaces AHB: and APB: added for direct memory access via a CoreSight Debug Access Port

l  DS-5 Debugger: memory can be accessed whilst the target is running (subject to the target and address spaces supporting this)

l  DS-5 Debugger: memory can be filled using new Fill Memory dialog in Eclipse and using memory fill from the command line

l  DS-5 Debugger: debugger can connect to VSTREAM (available for purchase separately) to debug on RTL simulators and hardware emulators

l  DS-5 Debugger: device support extended to include: ARM Versatile Express V2P Cortex-A15, ARM Versatile Express with Cortex-A15 NEON Soft Macrocell Model, ARM Versatile Express with Cortex-R5x2, ARM Versatile Express Cortex-A15x4 + CortexA7x4 RTSM, CALAO Systems Snowball board, NVIDIA Tegra 3, PandaBoard ES, ST-Ericsson AP9500, TI AM3352/4/6/7/8/9 / OMAP 4460 and Xilinx Zynq-7000 EPP ZC702

l  Eclipse: ELF Content Editor now displays segment information in a separate tab

l  Examples: new example added to demonstrate TrustZone debugging on Versatile Express A9x4 board: TrustZone

l  Examples: new example added to demonstrate symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) bare-metal debug on Cortex-A15 MPCore: smp_primes_A15x2-Coretile

l  Examples: new example added to demonstrate symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) bare-metal debug on Snowball: fireworks_snowball

l  Examples: new instrumented C code example added to demonstrate instrumented ARM Streamline bookmark, text, and visual annotations: Streamline_annotate

l  Examples: new example Jython script added in DS-5 Debugger: jython_hash

l  Examples: bare-metal start-up code added for the Cortex-A15 MPCore processor: startup_Cortex-A15MPCore

l  Examples: Kernel module debug example now has a generic makefile, to build it against any kernel with user-supplied dependencies, for example, for use on Snowball













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